Coming together

Coming together!

Why Translators

Translators are language experts. They work in a field where texts and contents have to be target-aimed and idiomatically authentic because, in many instances, word-by-word translations fall short of the complexity of the subject area involved or lag behind the quality of products and services.

As a graduate translator I have undergone qualified academic training of both the English and the German language that also included historical, cultural and country-specific particularities of the English-speaking world.

I am happy to help and assist you to understand the messages you’ve received and to get your messages through – just like they are meant to be.

Christiane Wagner
Christiane WagnerGraduate Translator

• Labour Law
• Succession and Inheritance Law
• Family Law
• Company Law
• Commercial Law
• Insolvency Law
• Landlord and Tenant Law
• Formation of companies
• Terms and Conditions of Business
• Contracts and Agreements

• Birth certificates
• No impediment of marriage
• Marriage certificates
• Last wills and testaments
• Death certificates
• Judgments, orders and decrees
• School reports
• Diplomas and letters of reference
• Websites

• Laboratory instruments
• Coatings
• Conductive pastes and adhesives
• Industrial catalysts
• Sampling and Recycling
• Factory and plant cleaning
• Fine chemicals
• Product descriptions
• Umpire analyses
• Advertising