“Publicly appointed and sworn”

Most governmental authorities and courts request certified translations of international documents, in which translators authorised by competent courts certify as to the completeness and correctness of their translations. Such authorisation is granted to translators who can produce evidence of their qualification – usually by university studies, professional academic training or a successful state examination.

Drafting certified translations is subject to certain guidelines by the courts and professional associations, including, inter alia, a predefined certification formula stating the form of the document presented:

  • Simple copy (incl. faxes, emails, jpg and pdf files),
  • Certified copy (incl. executed or legalised copies) or
  • Original.

Submission of a certified translation to a foreign authority or court often requires the authentication of the translator’s signature by the court and/or a notary, or legalisation by a regional government. Before ordering translation work, you should therefore ask the receiving body about the requirements the translation should fulfil. This will save you time and money.

I would be happy to assist you. My experience in document translation comprises the following focal examples:

  • Civil status certificates (certificates or birth, marriage, certificates of no impediment to marriage)
  • Death certificates, last wills and testaments
  • Judgments, orders and decrees
  • School reports, diplomas and letters of reference
  • Contracts and agreements

If you have a document not listed above, please contact me for more information.

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